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Our specialty is designing application solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2015. We use xRM to achieve our goals and our philosophy is to use native Dynamics customisation wherever possible, and only 'drop below the line' if we have to. This allows our customers to take our solutions and modify them to fit the way they work.

We have two existing products Archive and Dynamics Collaboration Portal, both of which are already in use worldwide. Archive is the xRM document management solution for Dynamics CRM 2013/2015. Dynamics Collaboration Portal allows non-Dynamic users (both inside and outside of your organisation) to access and update Archive records without the necessity of a full Dynamics licence.

Archive - xRM Document Management for Dynamics 2013/2015

Archive allows you to store any file, of any size, against any record.

Archive is document management within CRM Dynamics 2013/2015 without the fuss. Once Archive is installed and setup, all further administration is completed from within the Dynamics 2013/2015 application.

Archive is easy to use, familiar to end users, saves time, and works with Microsoft Office 2010/2013.

Over 500 existing users are amazed as to how much time they save on a daily basis using Archive. There is no additional training required, if users can use Dynamics 2013/2015 and drag-and-drop files, they can use Archive. Archive documents are CRM records, so you do not need to leave the application to find files quickly and simply.

Archive is fully customisable to work the way you do.

Archive integrates with Microsoft Office 2010/2013, allowing a user to create a document in Word or Excel, and to store that document directly in CRM, including storage from Outlook, against the appropriate CRM record.

If you scan incoming mail or documents, Archive has an import service to efficiently import these scanned files, if they are OCR'd this data can also stored with the imported record.

Archive is the XRM document management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 2013/2015.

Archive also reduces the Dynamics 2013/2015 database size and prevents bloating of the database and poor performance. Instead Archive files are encrypted and stored on disk appropriately.

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Dynamics Collaboration Portal - External Access to Dynamics Data

View or Update Dynamics data

The Dynamics Collaboration Portal allows users with Employee Self Service (ESS) licences to access Archive records from outside of the Dynamics client applications. ESS licences can be purchased for significantly less than a Full Dynamics licence.

Portal users can retrieve specific documents, upload new versions of documents, search for documents, and modify the a document's metadata. The Portal user is a Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 user and is subject to the security model restricting access to the appropriate records.

Allow your customers to view their documents

Any licenced user from within your organisation or any outside customers you choose to give access to, can view and update your Archive documents. This means you can collaborate with your customers more effectively by allowing them to interact with their documents.

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